Pricing Plans

Simple Pricing to fit your business

Easy Manage Online Small Business Management software is customized to meet the unique business needs of each of our customers. Each pricing plan below is per month.


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  • 2 Users
    (more is available if needed)
  • Up to 1,000 Clients
  • Up to 100 SMS Reminders per month


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  • 8 Users
    (more is available if needed)
  • Up to 5,000 Clients
  • Up to 300 SMS Reminders per month


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  • Pricing and customization are available to fit your needs. This feature is designed for companies with many employees, or that may have specific needs to run their business.

Included in every plan


Organize your business with a scheduler that can send out reminders automatically to customers about your upcoming appointment.


Prepare default or custom invoices and send when you like via email or print. Each email invoice has a link to your PayPal account that allows your customer to pay you immediately. PayPal offers a free account with minimal fees. If a customer forgets to pay, Easy Manage will send reminders.

Online Payments

If you do not offer a way for your customers to pay via online, then it is time to start offering this service! Most customers prefer to pay via a card, and it helps your business look much more professional. Fees are minimal and we recommend PayPal. Once you set up your own PayPal account, link it to your Easy Manage account, for updated reports. Your PayPal account can be connected to your business account to transfer funds.

Task Lists

Every business has a ongoing list of projects. Task lists can be assigned to employees and you can keep track of who has been assigned what project and if it has been completed. It’s like a yellow sticky note on your phone.

Email Invoicing

Make it easier on your customers by emailing them an invoice instead of tracking them down with a paper invoice. This allows you to perform a job on your schedule and then send them an invoice via email with a link to get paid via PayPal.

Employee Accounts

Add an employee and assign them appointments and task lists. You can keep track of their time spent on the job and monitor their activity.

PayPal Link

Get paid quicker! There is no need to mail a bill, simply email it with a built in link to allow your customer to pay using PayPal. It's safe, easy, and reilable.

Payment Reminders

Easy Manage will send out email reminders if your customer forgets to pay. It's a convenient way to communicate to your customers.