Getting Started

I'm evaluating Easy Manage. Is there a free trial?
Yes, we do have a free trial plan for 30 days. We want you to be fully satisfied with our product before you actually subscribe to it. Check out our pricing plans for more help.
After the trial, what happens to my account?
Once the 30 day trail period expires, your card will be charged the monthly fee you signed up for. Should you choose to not continue, you can email us to cancel your account before the 30 day free trail period ends.
Is my data safe? Do I need to download anything or back up anything?
Easy Manage provides high data security, which ensures that your data is confidential & safe. Data is backed-up at regular intervals on our server. It is safe, protected from outsiders, and always at your fingertips. Data confidentiality: Your data is safe, confidential, and encrypted. We use 256 bit SSL encryption, state of the art infrastructure and software security to ensure the safety of your data. Customer's data is regularly backed up and replicated across secure locations. Data Backup & Recovery: We have recovery servers for any emergencies. You have the ability to export all the available data as CSV files.
What will happen to my account if I stop paying my subscription?
Plan changes will not affect the data within your account. All the data such as customer information, invoices, payments, credit notes, etc, are stored for up to one year after your last payment. However, if you do not pay, Easy Manage will lock you out of your account 15 days past your monthly due date. You can login again anytime with your user credentials to pay or upgrade the subscription and get back to using Easy Manage.
What are the requirements for using Easy Manage?
Easy Manage is an online application. So there is no software installation required. As we say, it is a simple, straightforward way to run your small business. To access and use Easy Manage, all you need is your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Click here to sign up for an Easy Manage account. Easy Manage works best with the following browsers:
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
Do you offer support to customers?
Of course we do! Whether you are on a paid plan or the 30 day free plan, we offer full support for all our customers. Our technical support is available all through the day from Monday through Friday via email at support@goeasymanage.com. If you’ve got a question or concern, you can either email us at info@GoEasyManage.com or fill up the contact support form and get the information you want. We also offer a live chat during business hours, for quick answers. For after hours and weekends, fill out the form and you will recieve an answer within a few hours.
Is Easy Manage specifically designed for a particular geography or business vertical?
Not at all. Easy Manage is being used by small business users from various geographies and business verticals.
While signing up I'm being told my email address already exists. What should I do now?
Easy Manage is accessible with a Easy Manage account. So if you already have a Easy Manage account username and password, please sign in using those credentials from the sign in page. If that isn't the case, you can try retrieving the password associated with your email address from the Forgot Password link.

My Account

I've forgotten my Easy Manage account password. How do I retrieve it?
No worries. Here are the instructions to do this:
  • Go to www.Dashboard.GoEasyManage.com
  • Click the “Forgot password?” link
  • On the following screen, enter your email address that you had entered at the time of setting up your Easy Manage account, and then complete the image verification
  • Click the “Request” button
  • You'll receive an email from Easy Manage to that email address with a link to reset the password; click that link
  • Enter the new password
  • Sign in to Easy Manage using the new password
I'm unable to log in. What's going on?
When you are not able to log in, the first thing you may need to check is if your username and password are correct. After checking your sign in credentials, if you still are unable to sign in, the suggestion would be to reset the password.

Plans and Subscriptions

When will you charge my credit card?
Your credit card will be automatically charged every month for monthly plans, based on the date you subscribed.
How do I upgrade my Easy Manage plan?
To upgrade your Easy Manage Invoice subscription, email us the plan you would like to upgrade to and we will make the adjustment for you. If you are not finding a plan that fits your business model, let us customize a plan for you at no additional charge. There's a plan for every type of business.
Do you store my credit card information?
No, we don't save your credit card details on our servers. When you subscribe, you are asked to enter the credit card details, which are moved on to the gateway and it is retained there for further processing. Please see Easy Manage's Privacy Policy to know why we don't store your credit card details.
How do I delete/close my Easy Manage account?
Email us you would like to cancel your account and we can take care of that for you.
What user roles are available in Easy Manage?
Admin: The admin user has unrestricted access to all data. Any action related to the account like changes in settings, user addition/deletion, creating appointments and customers can be done only by the admin user.

Employee: The employee user is restricted from accessing reports, settings and some sub-links under the Home tab. In addition to this, they are also restricted from exporting crucial information like your customers details.

How many users can I add to my Easy Manage account?
The number of users accessing your account depends on the plan that you are subscribed to. For more information on the various plans, have a look at our pricing page.